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24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the RNLI is ready to save lives. Powered by courage, determination and the support of generous people like you.

Here’s how kind donations helped last year





  • Donna Jubb just donated £106.00
  • Alison and Peter Mason just donated £10.00
  • Margot and Arthur Mitchell just donated £21.20
  • Cate just donated £10.00
  • Sean Hayes just donated £17.14
  • Libby Kelsey just donated £25.00
  • Louise Hobster just donated £5.30
  • Sue Holding just donated £10.60
  • Anonymous just donated £10.00
  • Ross Browne just donated £10.00
  • Lee Jarrett just donated £101.00
  • TAP-D (Natural England) just donated £10.00
  • Anonymous just donated £212.00
  • Kevin just donated £10.60
  • Hugh Jones just donated £20.00
  • Anonymous just donated £8.52
  • Charlotte just donated £10.60
  • Anonymous just donated £20.00
  • Sally Morris just donated £21.20
  • Liz Stevenson just donated £10.00

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By raising money, you’re launching our crews on their mission to save every one. That makes you a lifesaver too.

Host an RNLI Fish Friday this August

Enjoy a tasty fish dish and some feel-good fundraising to support RNLI lifesavers

How your money helps

Every donation helps the RNLI work towards our goal of saving every one. Our lifesaving volunteers give their time for free, but they need training, well-maintained equipment, lifeboats and shore facilities. Your support helps our brave volunteers save lives – and it brings them safely home to their families too.

Three RNLI lifeboat crew on a training exercise a the sea survival centre
RNLI Lifeboat crew wearing RNLI helmets on an ILB

About our charity

We’re the charity that saves lives at sea. Powered primarily by kind donations, our search and rescue service has been saving lives for nearly 200 years. The vast majority of RNLI people are volunteers - ordinary people doing extraordinary things - working together to help communities at home and abroad save lives.